Our Mission

Born originally in Switzerland, SHG has now private universities all around the world, mainly in Europe. We teach Hotel Management & Business Management for under and post-graduate students, for instance, Bachelor Program in 3 years and MBA programs in 2 years. Our students come from all over the world with or without previous working experience. The main language used at school is English. Each year, for each program, we deliver 6-month intensive courses on our campus and we provide paid-internships also for 6-month periods. It is a mix of theoretical and working experiences.

Thanks to this system, to our experience and our high quality of education, we train students to become future leaders, to ensure that after graduation they will land managerial positions anywhere in the world. Our goal: to train the largest number of young people to become the best managers in the Hospitality industry.

Our Vision

SHG aims at delivering the highest quality teaching in every region where we are present.

It is our vision to keep offering the best quality of education. Thus, each SHG school across the world aims at being always the best in the country.

At SHG, we intend to open schools in as many countries as possible and all major cities: SHG Group wants to continue his worldwide development by having at least 50 schools worldwide by 2030.

Besides, SHG aims at owning each SHG school at 100% to ensure the best quality, the best management and success for all SHG students.